Best Tips for Exterminating Pesky Macon Groundhogs

Among the ‘burrowers', the Macon groundhog is probably the most clever creature which makes them difficult to deal with. Fully-matured Georgia groundhogs have the capacity to build an underground system that extends to a maximum of 66 feet. If you want to get rid of them, it is necessary to determine the entrance of their burrow. As for the method that you will use, some people choose the lethal method and there are those who prefer the natural and humane method. Regardless of what you will choose, you need to ensure that your property is safe from the damages of the groundhog.

Lethal and Non Lethal Method to Get Rid of Groundhogs

Groundhog, popularly known as woodchucks can easily find an access to our Macon lawn or garden. They may eat our plants and dig burrows that can destroy the beauty of our lawns. There are various ways on how we can control the possible damage of groundhogs. In this article, we will provide some of the method you can choose from.

The Lethal Method

While we do not necessarily recommend the lethal solution, there are some instances that you can't avoid using it. This method should only be used as your last resort since it also poses a risk to the homeowners and their household members.

Fumigation-This procedure will require the utilization of deadly fumes. This aims to kill the creature while they are still in their burrows. This can be performed with a cartridge and you should ask the help of the professionals when doing this method.

Kill Traps- For those who have an infestation problem with other animals, trapping would be a good option. Aside from the live traps that we prefer, there are different non-lethal traps that you can use. Nonetheless, consult with your local wildlife agency to find out if this is legal in your state.

Poison- this is definitely the cruelest method to use against the groundhog. It is an indiscriminate killer that exposes other animals and kids to the same danger.

Non-Lethal and Natural Method

Non-lethal options are by far more effective and do not pose a considerable threat to the homeowners. Here are some methods to choose from.

Live Traps- There are various kinds of traps to choose from depending on the level of infestation. Make sure that you will provide the groundhogs with sufficient food and water to ensure that they will not die from starvation or dehydration.

Fencing-This is one of the most effective methods to prevent Georgia wildlife invasion. Make sure that they are arranged conveniently and will not serve as an obstruction.

Repellent-While this is not proven to work, there are still many commercially available repellents sold in the market.

Finally, you should try to eliminate the elements that attract the Georgia groundhog. Some Macon people also lure them away by planting a food away from their backyard. It is indeed one of the most effective methods to drive them away without the need to harm them.

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