Georgia Raccoons Invading YOUR Bird Feeder? How to Get Rid of Them Today!

To keep Macon raccoons away from the bird feeders is a tricky business. Perform these steps mentioned here for keeping the feeders away from raccoons and saving the birds:

Using the squirrel baffles for pole-mounted system

If the bird feeder is mounted on pole, using the baffle with 4 feet height from the ground can be advantageous. Georgia raccoons can't climb up to this height for reaching the feeder.

Never hang bird feeder with trees

If you are facing the problem of raccoons in your area, never use the hanging bird feeder. There exists no method of protecting the tree hung bird feeders for raccoons. What you can do is to use S cables or hooks for making it hard for them to reach to the feeder, however it won't keep raccoons from making feeder shaken or jumping over to get seeds.

Bring your Macon bird feeders inside at nighttime

Although it may a little additional effort, taking the bird feeders inside garage or home before it gets dark can protect them. Especially, if you use hanging bird feeders, this will be a great idea. Primarily, raccoons are nocturnal, however birds aren't. by using this strategy, you are able to feed your birds during daytime when raccoons aren't active.

Keep the area Clean

Use the feeder which catches falling seeds or use the high quality seeds which birds are more likely to eat. Fewer will be seeds on your ground, lesser will be curioMacon of raccoons and attempts to invade the feeder.

Keep Macon bird's food sealed

Bird feeders aren't the only places Georgia raccoon's raid. If you keep the birds seed within unsealed container or shed, you are likely to get visits of Georgia raccoons there. Keep the bird food in the durable containers along tightly placed lids.

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