Steps to Take When There's a Macon Raccoon on Your Roof

Why there are Macon raccoons on your roof? Maybe they have found some sort of food there or maybe they are only curious and need the rooftop stroll, however none of those are likely.

How you can get rid of the Georgia raccoon on your roof?

Well, firstly find out whether they exist on your roof for getting into the attic. And they are only living or crawling on your Macon roof, you can catch and trap them, however be aware of following:

  • Raccoons have an excellent climbing ability; thus it is fairly hard to limit them from getting climbed on roof. They can climb over corners of the houses and easily climb upward and downward downspouts.
  • If they are in search of a shelter, it is possible to eliminate gaps or debris under eaves which they admire. Getting rid of older branches onto the Georgia roof, and place the steel mesh (or drill it inwards) for stopping them to access the gaps.
  • They are highly likely to go up there if they want, a way in your attic, thus perform a complete inspection of your roof as well as attic for seeing whether there exists any point of entry.
  • These little creatures can tear the open eaves as well as shingled roof, thus be aware of damages they can cause. Also, you will find raccoon feces on your roof, thus never touch it.
  • If you wish of trapping and removing the Macon raccoons, kindly remain aware that they may produce their Georgia babies. Look for younger ones carefully and while trapping the adult ones, look for their nipples which show the nursing of baby raccoons.
  • Above all, Georgia raccoons may cook and get overheated there, thus remain vigilant of checking the traps which you set for them.

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